Ken SubediKen Subedi Can a translator become an interpreter? How?February 26, 2020

Can a translator become an interpreter? How?

In such a globalized world, being a translator or an interpreter is a very common job; especially for those that love learning languages. More often than not, translation and interpreting are used interchangeably. Yet, these two career fields differ by not only the nature of their job but also the process of their work. Since these two careers both deal with languages, there stands the big question of ‘can a translator become an interpreter?’ and if the answer is affirmative, then how exactly? These questions will be answered and explored, so keep reading to find out more.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Qualities of a Professional TranslatorFebruary 21, 2020

Qualities of a Professional Translator

The translation industry is a long-standing field but with globalization and localization being at its peak in 2020 , the translation industry is flourishing. With such an expansion of the industry, inevitably came the overcrowding of the trade. In order to stand out from such a dense crowd, one needs to show professionalism and showcase how they are ‘great’ at their craft. Although there are no ways to exactly define ‘great’ translators, there are some qualities that many professional translators share. Such qualities allow a translator to master their craft and differentiate themselves from others. For more information on what exactly these qualities of a professional translator are, then keep on reading forth.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi QA Habits Every Translator Should AdoptFebruary 6, 2020

QA Habits Every Translator Should Adopt

Quality Assurance (QA) is vital for translators, as the quality is how one differentiates and stands out from such a competitive industry. Not only does Quality Assurance allow you to stand out from the crowd, but it is also what makes a translated work impeccable. It is not an easy task to do, as Quality Assurance has to be implemented at every step of your work process in order to produce a translated piece at its optimum quality. To find out how to improve your work and what QA habits every translator should adopt, then keep on reading. 

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Translation Industry Trends for 2020January 26, 2020

Translation Industry Trends for 2020

The new year of 2020 is upon us and so it is time to delve into the world trends that will be dominating the translation Industry this leap year. Every year there is an ever so rapid growth in globalization and localization and this year will be no exception; which only means more demand for translation and translators.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Need for English Subtitles in Nepali films to Represent in International CommunityJanuary 12, 2020

Need for English Subtitles in Nepali films to Represent in International Community

Long gone are the days when every Nepali movie used to be about a ‘hero’ falling in love with a ‘heroine’ and a ‘villain’ kidnapping her. These days, Nepali movies are worth watching- well, at least some of them are. Moreover, some films have been able to amass positive acclaims from the most prominent film magazines in the world and even won global accolades.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi What Is Post-Editing? How is Machine Translation Post-Editing Evolving?January 7, 2020

What Is Post-Editing? How is Machine Translation Post-Editing Evolving?

Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) is a process in which a human edits the translation done by a machine or software to make the text more acceptable. You see, in many cases, computer-aided translation is not very accurate.

So, post-editing is the concept of making ‘machine do the hard work,’ and a person editing the results to make it precise. As simple as that.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi In What Ways are Translation and Interpretation Similar and Different?January 6, 2020

In What Ways are Translation and Interpretation Similar and Different?

Many people get confused between translation and interpretation. Or, more accurately, they refer to both interpretation and translation as translation. 

People have enough reason for doing so; given that, these days, mostly the same professionals and companies provide both of these services. 

Anyway, even if they are similar, these two terms are not the same. Today, we are going to explain in the easiest words the similarities and difference between translation and interpretation.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Translation Services for Non-Resident NepaleseDecember 22, 2019

Translation Services for Non-Resident Nepalese

Non-Resident Nepalis will need a lot of translation, especially on official documents. For them to do it by themselves will be difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, as most of the translations relate to formal documents, mistakes and mistranslations could lead to many problems.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi The Future of Nepali SubtitlesDecember 15, 2019

The Future of Nepali Subtitles

Translation experts on this day are very excited about the prospect of Nepali subtitles. They carry a lot of value, more than what many think they do.

First, it is about the video itself. According to a survey, on average, videos with subtitles are watched till 91% till completion when compared to 66% without one ( Thus, having Nepali subtitles in videos watchable by the local population is going to be very helpful to the creators. They make the video more engaging.

Now, let us see outside the box. Nepali subtitles are going to be worth a lot in the coming days. Here are the good things they will result in.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi The Future of Machine Learning in TranslationDecember 11, 2019

The Future of Machine Learning in Translation

Before moving into the core of this article, we need to shed a light on what machine learning and artificial intelligence are.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), in simple terms, means giving machines the processing capabilities of a human brain.  These are the processes in AI:

Information Acquisition: Just like humans, an artificially intelligent device can ‘learn’ new information.

Reasoning: A machine should be able to conclude if the information it gained is right.

Self-Correction: If a machine somehow becomes wrong, it should know how to correct its task and do the right thing.

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