Ken SubediKen Subedi The Importance of Language Translation in Movies and Series: The Case of Money HeistJune 1, 2020

The Importance of Language Translation in Movies and Series: The Case of Money Heist

Almost every month new TV series and movies are launched in the cable or online streaming platforms. For instance, Netflix, one of the famous streaming service providers globally, constantly recommends a long list of good shows, both American and foreign. It would definitely be a shame if you were not able to enjoy these shows because of the language barrier, now would it?

Thankfully, Netflix has enabled language translations to all of their non-English speaking films and series, either through subtitles or dubbing. By doing this, their viewers were able to expand their options and discovered more brilliant works from different directors and actors all over the world. One of the TV series that benefited from this initiative is one of today’s most in demand Spanish crime drama— Money Heist.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi How Can New Translators Train Themselves and Get Ready for Work?May 21, 2020

How Can New Translators Train Themselves and Get Ready for Work?

The translation industry is huge, fierce and consistently evolving as the language keeps updating all the time. In such industry where the competition and technology keeps raising the bar higher and higher, translators today cannot survive only with language skills.  The knowledge of the language is key to every translation, but the newer generation of translators today needs to be equipped with more than just knowledge.So here is how can the new translators train themselves and get themselves ready to work in modern age of translation.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Great Nepali Movies with English SubtitlesMay 15, 2020

Great Nepali Movies with English Subtitles

The Nepali movie industry is fairly young compared to the other movie industries in Asia. It was in 1964 when Nepal produced its first movie “Aama’’. Since then the Nepali movie industry has seen significant growth with the number of movies produced each year. While most Nepali movies tend to fail at the box office due to the sheer lack of quality and creativity, there are times when a few of them really stand out and display some potential. These kinds of movies should not only be limited to the Nepali masses but they deserve global audience. With the timely addition of subtitles, they can reach beyond borders and represent in film festivals. We have compiled a list of Nepali movies that have English subtitles and are available to watch in Youtube :

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Why is it Crucial to Localize Corona virus Resources and Materials in Low Resource Languages?May 6, 2020

Why is it Crucial to Localize Corona virus Resources and Materials in Low Resource Languages?

The corona virus pandemic made the world stop in its tracks. It made people give up on their conveniences and luxuries, it exposed a deeply flawed system and how fragile to its core it is, and it revealed that common sense is now a rare commodity.

The world now battles to prevent further spread of the corona virus, while putting strategies in place to mitigate the ramifications that this pandemic will have on the economy and our lives in general.  Given that this is a novel virus and many details still remain unknown and uncertain, the most effective “cure” is quarantine and social distancing.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Seven Reasons Why Netflix Should Come to NepalApril 28, 2020

Seven Reasons Why Netflix Should Come to Nepal

Netflix, Inc. is an American top-rated media services provider. It is quite famous in America and many other countries, as well. As most of the movie and series lovers in Nepal would be aware, Netflix came to Nepal for a short time back in 2016. It is a commercial-free service and costs $8.99 per month. However, due to the lack of online paying systems in Nepal at the time, the subscription rate in Nepal was quite low as compared to other countries. Hence, Netflix decided to discontinue their services.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi What is the Impact of Corona virus in the Translation Industry?March 18, 2020

What is the Impact of Corona virus in the Translation Industry?

At the end of December, Chinese health officials informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about an unknown virus which was spreading rapidly in the city of Wuhan. Two weeks later the scientists determined that it was a corona virus (also known as COVID-19). The virus continued to spread from the mainland of China and now has affected the entire globe. On 11th March 2020, the WHO declared COVID – 19 a pandemic. As per WHO till this date, there are more than 1,203,292 cases of coronavirus seen throughout the world with more than 64,747 deaths.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Nepali Speakers: Demographics, Dialects and MigrationMarch 10, 2020

Nepali Speakers: Demographics, Dialects and Migration

Nepal is huge when it comes to the variety of castes, cultures and speakers of the different languages present here .  According to the 2011 census data, it is reported that there are 123 mother tongues spoken in the small landlocked country. Nepali   stands out as the most spoken in language with 44% speaking the language and then   followed by Maithili which is spoken by almost 12% of the total population.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi The Power of SubtitlesMarch 6, 2020

The Power of Subtitles

When the South Korean film “Parasite” made history by winning four Academy Awards, including the award for the Best Picture, people started wondering if they have been missing out on some good quality foreign films that would undeniably enrich their cinematic experience.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Can a translator become an interpreter? How?February 26, 2020

Can a translator become an interpreter? How?

In such a globalized world, being a translator or an interpreter is a very common job; especially for those that love learning languages. More often than not, translation and interpreting are used interchangeably. Yet, these two career fields differ by not only the nature of their job but also the process of their work. Since these two careers both deal with languages, there stands the big question of ‘can a translator become an interpreter?’ and if the answer is affirmative, then how exactly? These questions will be answered and explored, so keep reading to find out more.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Qualities of a Professional TranslatorFebruary 21, 2020

Qualities of a Professional Translator

The translation industry is a long-standing field but with globalization and localization being at its peak in 2020 , the translation industry is flourishing. With such an expansion of the industry, inevitably came the overcrowding of the trade. In order to stand out from such a dense crowd, one needs to show professionalism and showcase how they are ‘great’ at their craft. Although there are no ways to exactly define ‘great’ translators, there are some qualities that many professional translators share. Such qualities allow a translator to master their craft and differentiate themselves from others. For more information on what exactly these qualities of a professional translator are, then keep on reading forth.

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