Ken SubediKen Subedi Seven Reasons Why Netflix Should Come to NepalApril 28, 2020

Seven Reasons Why Netflix Should Come to Nepal

Netflix, Inc. is an American top-rated media services provider. It is quite famous in America and many other countries, as well. As most of the movie and series lovers in Nepal would be aware, Netflix came to Nepal for a short time back in 2016. It is a commercial-free service and costs $8.99 per month. However, due to the lack of online paying systems in Nepal at the time, the subscription rate in Nepal was quite low as compared to other countries. Hence, Netflix decided to discontinue their services.

Some people still use Netflix in Nepal through third-party services, which provide payment methods for a subscription. However, a direct way of payment isn’t available. But, now, four years later, the world is a different place,  where everyone carries around a cellphone and doesn’t usually have time to sit in front of a TV set to catch up with their favorite show. Online streaming services are used now more than ever, and that is precisely why Netflix should be making a comeback to Nepal. And here are some reasons to support this view.

Bollywood, South Indian, and Pakistani Content

The first attraction-Bollywood and South Indian content. Nepal has a broad audience for Bollywood movies. In fact, they are quite famous, and everyone loves to watch them. Not only Bollywood but also South Indian and Pakistani content, which is already available on Netflix, so there won’t be a need for increased effort on producing local content specifically for Nepal.

Broad Audience for Online Streaming Services

As times are changing, people prefer the use of online streaming to watching televisions in living rooms. There are already different online streaming services like eSewa, iflix, NetTV Nepal available in the area, and they are used very vastly among Nepali. This strengthens the view that if Netflix makes a comeback to Nepal, it will gain many subscribers in a short time. The generation of today is fond of having everything in the palm of their hands, and at the distance of a single touch, which makes Netflix as the perfect choice for them because it has easy accessibility, it is fast and comes with a wide variety of shows and movies.

Netflix in Nepal
Reasons Why Netflix Should Come to Nepal

Accessibility to Phone Wallets

Back in 2016, when Netflix first launched in Nepal, the idea of online payments was new to the locals. Most people downloaded their favorite TV shows or streamed them online, but there was very little access to granting payments from MasterCards or PayPal online. The use of streaming services online was not so common back then, either, so most people probably didn’t pay much attention to it. But the situation is not the same four years later today. There is also increased demand and need for online streaming services, as well as the availability and access to online paying services.

Subtitles Make Everything Easier

One big hurdle in the way for Netflix’s success in Nepal was and might be the unavailability of subtitles in Nepali. Netflix has subtitle services in many languages at present, so it will be pretty easy for them to arrange for subtitle services in Nepali as there is now globally an increased viewing rate of movies in different languages with subtitles. It would attract many Nepalis who love to watch international films but have a problem with understanding the language. There are many shows on Netflix that are not in English, such as Spanish, French, and Turkish content, and even still, they are watched globally because of the availability of subtitles.

Nepali Producers use Iflix or YouTube

As Nepali producers use different online streaming services for their films or series, it is pretty evident that Nepal is very open to making content for online viewing. This implies that in the future when Netflix has thrived in Nepal and subtitles are available in Nepali, Nepali producers would be very interested in making local content for Netflix.

Trending Shows Attract Audience

Social media has turned the earth into a global village because of which new and trending shows, no matter which language they are in, break the internet, and everyone wants to watch them. Shows like Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, Money Heist, Breaking Bad have been talk of the internet and have attracted viewers from all over the world, including Nepal. This puts Netflix at a benefit because Nepal has a broad audience waiting to welcome it.

Free First Month Trial

A great advantage is that viewers who do not know about Netflix or aren’t very sure they want to spend their money on it have a chance to view it free of cost for the first month so many people would be willing to give it a try, and without a doubt, they’ll know it’s worth it!

With that being said, it is pretty clear that Netflix could benefit tremendously from making a comeback to Nepal and adding Nepali subtitles for its viewers because a large audience is waiting for it.

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