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Top 5 Translation Tools Recommended by Translators

Translators use different kinds of translation tools to make their life easier. These tools help translators save time and manual labor as well as improve consistency and efficiency of the translation. The basic feature of these tools is that they help divide the source into smaller segments and help translate them along with editing, reviewing and saving the materials in the database. With such tools, there is no need for translators to remember a huge number of terminologies. Also, for bigger projects these tools also allow multiple translators to work simultaneously under one platform, making the overall process much simpler and easier to handle. So, here are the top 5 online translation tools recommended by translators, for fellow translators:

Top 5 Translation Tools

SDL Trados

The most popular and a very highly rated tool among translators, SDL Trados is an excellent investment. Within the software, it allows you to simultaneously see changes made to the document, accept/reject them and edit them. The software also includes other features like terminology, machine translation and localization.


If you haven’t tried many Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, then OmegaT is just the right one for you to get started. It is a simple translation tool which you can use for free. It allows the user to process multiple files projects at one time, includes Unicode and is compatible with other translation memory applications.


memoQ is specially designed for individual translators and allows you to create glossary with terms as well as  helps you reuse previous translations. Among its advanced features, there is something such as LiveDocs which assists translators translate an entire paragraph in a meaningful way. It can also be used to check quality, consistency and implement the correct use of terminology.


This is a website translation tool which helps you translate apps and sites with gettext. Features with this tool include memory translation, glossaries and you can also reuse translation data from your PO, MO and RPM files. In case of apps and website translation, this is the best tool out there.


Linguee is a unique translation tool which combines a dictionary with a search engine and helps you check bilingual texts, expressions, words in many languages plus check meanings and contextual translations. This tool has its own data banks and wider web for translated documents which helps you check how others have translated it. 

These are the top 5 translation tools which are very popular among translators. There are many other translation tools available too so you can choose any tools that makes your work much easier. But I would strongly recommend to check the above mentioned tools first as you would not want to spend a lot of your valuable time on just finding a translation tool.

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