Ken SubediKen Subedi UX/UI Nepali TranslationJanuary 3, 2022

UX/UI Nepali Translation

Do you know how UX/UI translation in Nepali is different from other domains of translation?
It is evident that translation is a skill based job. However, domains that translators work is equally important. A sports or game translator may not translate a legal content accurately. Likewise, the translator with marketing expertise will struggle with technical texts.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Top 5 Translation Tools Recommended by TranslatorsOctober 13, 2020

Top 5 Translation Tools Recommended by Translators

Translators use different kinds of translation tools to make their life easier. These tools help translators save time and manual labor as well as improve consistency and efficiency of the translation. The basic feature of these tools is that they help divide the source into smaller segments and help translate them along with editing, reviewing and saving the materials in the database. With such tools, there is no need for translators to remember a huge number of terminologies. Also, for bigger projects these tools also allow multiple translators to work simultaneously under one platform, making the overall process much simpler and easier to handle. So, here are the top 5 online translation tools recommended by translators, for fellow translators:

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Ken SubediKen Subedi How important is a translation degree to get a translation job ?October 8, 2020

How important is a translation degree to get a translation job ?

One of the most repeated  questions I get is whether you need a translation degree to work as a translator or not. There are various courses and degrees in the field of language and if you search more thoroughly then you can find a number of universities offering a translation degree. Then again the question remains ; How important is a translation degree ? Is it compulsory to have one if you are looking to work as a translator?

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Ken SubediKen Subedi 5 Tips To Get Started As a Freelance TranslatorSeptember 29, 2020

5 Tips To Get Started As a Freelance Translator

If you are enticed by freelance lifestyle and are proficient in at least two languages then you can choose a career as a freelance translator. As a freelance translator you are your own boss, choose your own work and do not have to worry about a 9-5 workday. However, being a  freelance translator has its own challenges; one primarily being stiff competition where you have to outstand your competitors to get selected for the job. So if you think that freelance translation is your choice of work then here are 5 tips to get you started as a freelance translator:

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Top 5 Nepali  Books  That Require Translation For International AppealSeptember 24, 2020

Top 5 Nepali Books That Require Translation For International Appeal

Nepali Literature has had a  glorious history and has seen many great books over time. Even in the modern era, Nepali Literature is seeing a lot of great books from aspiring writers. Despite being great books,  the audience for Nepali literature has mostly been limited to the Nepalese  population only. Just a handful of Nepali  books  such as Muna Madan, Sirish Ko Phool, Palpasa Café, Seto Bagh  etc have been translated into another language. But there are still many great books that have  not caught the eye of the international readers. So here are the top 5 Nepali books that require translation for International appeal :

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Why more content related to COVID-19 requires Nepali translation?August 24, 2020

Why more content related to COVID-19 requires Nepali translation?

As of 20th August, 2020 there are over 29,000 active COVID 19 cases in Nepal and the cases are increasing day by day. Although there are several reasons behind difficulty to tackle the Corona virus pandemic situation in Nepal, one of the major causes is the lack and spread of information related to COVID 19. Most of the information in relating to COVID 19 in Nepal is circulated by the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) which obtains information from a larger source like the World Health Organization (WHO) . With all the data coming in foreign language, for simultaneous update and spread of the information, there is a dire need for Nepali translation. The information obtained through international and more knowledgeable sources has to be proceeded urgently and translated in the Nepali language so that it can be then disseminated all across the country. But it is not limited to just that, there is a much greater significance of the contents that are translated in the Nepali language.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi A Brief History of Nepali LanguageAugust 13, 2020

A Brief History of Nepali Language

Nepali language belongs to the Indo- European language family and dates back to almost 981 A.D. According to the collections in Panch Saya Barsa edited by Prof. Balkrishna Pokharel oldest written text availed yet is of 981 AD; Bhupal Damu Pal’s stone-manuscript .The language is said to have originated from a now extinct language called “Khas Kura”. As per the insights “Khas Kura” is primarily Indo-Iranian but some scholars argue on the basis of gene movement in history that the current Nepali language might have originated from Tibeto-Burman Kham kura spoken in the Kham region of Tibet.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi How can I increase my freelance translation income?August 5, 2020

How can I increase my freelance translation income?

Aside from the nine to five job, translation is now seen as a lucrative job by freelancers who tend to earn a little cash on the side doing freelance translation works. Of course for a full time job there is a separate pay rate but still freelance translation jobs have now been a lot easier to find and work on. But with the rise in the number of freelance translation jobs, there also has been increase in the number of freelance translators. This is the reason freelance translators now have to work smarter than harder to make more income.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Professional Nepali Voice over ServicesJune 25, 2020

Professional Nepali Voice over Services

The number of professional Nepali voice over services has grown over the years with the increasing demand of Nepali language services.  These services expand over a variety of domains such as medical, health, technology, law, social sciences, letters and greetings as well as many others. Voice over translations are easier to soak in rather than subtitles or transcripts where the user has to focus significant amount of energy just to keep up with the text. This way Nepali voice over presents much clear and authentic message to the Nepali audience.

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Ken SubediKen Subedi Nepali Localization ServicesJune 21, 2020

Nepali Localization Services

Localization is closely related with language experts and is more complex than translation. It mostly involves digital media focusing more on the cultural and regional choices targeted to a particular audience. The aim of localization is to make the product/service available for the local people in their own language. With the increasing number of Nepali speakers and globalization, localization for the users in their own Nepali language has become important. This doesn’t limit the scope of localization to only a single Nepalese territory but even beyond borders in countries such as Australia, United States, U.K., U.A.E., Malaysia and so on.

Through localization such globalized businesses connect with the Nepalese population in their own language through their platforms and channels which improves customer satisfaction and helps in the growth of business. Realizing this fact, several international brands such as Facebook, Google, Amazon are now seeking Nepali Localization services to operate their products in Nepali language. So what kind of localization services are available for Nepali language? We will discuss here.

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