Who we are?

Wordinvent is a translation and localization company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It provides all round localization services ranging from translation, transliteration, editing, proofreading, voice-over, linguistic quality testing, interpretation and other language services. Originally started with Nepali, it has extended to languages of major South Asia to beyond such as Arabic, Swahili, Tigrinya, Burmese, Pashto, Dari etc.

It a one-stop language provider for Nepali as it has translated for global clients like Amazon, Google, TAUS and others.

It has extensive experience in Subtitle translation. It has translated subtitles of over 2500 movies and series in Nepali including Netflix productions. Their covered languages include Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Bengali, Sinhalese, and other Indic languages.

Founder/Manager, Wordinvent
Ken Subedi