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Great Nepali Movies with English Subtitles

The Nepali movie industry is fairly young compared to the other movie industries in Asia. It was in 1964 when Nepal produced its first movie “Aama’’. Since then the Nepali movie industry has seen significant growth with the number of movies produced each year. While most Nepali movies tend to fail at the box office due to the sheer lack of quality and creativity, there are times when a few of them really stand out and display some potential. These kinds of movies should not only be limited to the Nepali masses but they deserve global audience. With the timely addition of subtitles, they can reach beyond borders and represent in film festivals. We have compiled a list of Nepali movies that have English subtitles and are available to watch in Youtube :

Great Nepali Movies with English Subtitles

Pashupati  Prasad

Directed by Dipendra Khanal, “Pashupati Prasad” tells the story of Pashupati, an earthquake victim trying to pay off his family’s debt. The movie is filled with mixed emotions such as ambition, love, passion, kindness, friendship and embraces the reality of the poor struggling every day to make a living.

The storyline keeps you guessing about the fate of Pashupati, whether he can achieve his dreams or not. While the concept of struggle is not something new in Nepali movies, this one stands out due to the purity of its storylines, creditable cinematography and  excellent performances of the actors; Khagendra Lamichanne in particular as Pashupati Prasad.


“Loot” is a heist movie that follows a twisting and an unpredictable storyline. The movie tells the tale Haku Kale (Saugat Malla) and his four recruits who plan to rob a bank. The screenplay is awesome displaying the realistic versions of young guys in Kathmandu trying to achieve their individual goals.

The dialogues are well suited to each of the characters and add spice to the movie while the cinematography capturing Kathmandu city and its vicinity is magnificent.  The movie retains its excitement from the start to the end while the audience embraces the humor and creativity behind each of the characters.

Talakjung vs Tulke

Another Khagendra Lamichanne starrer “Talakjung vs Tulke” is a tragic comedy set during the decade long Maoist insurgency. Inspired from the Chinese novel “The true story of Ahq” and molded in its Nepali version by the lead Lamichanne himself, Talakjung vs Tulke displays the issues of the armed revolution in a comical style.

The movie follows a village laborer Tulke (Khagendra Lamichanne) who loses his identity and dreams of getting it back while seeking revenge from those who had wronged him. Besides an engaging storyline, audiences also get to enjoy eye-catching cinematography, humorous dialogues and praise worthy performances of the supporting caste.

Sano Sansaar

“Sano Sansaar ‘’ is a typical boy meets girl love story infused with simplistic dialogues, light hearted feelings and pretty faces. Directed by Alok Nembang, the movie has two main characters Ravi ( Karma Shakya)  and Reetu (Namrata Shrestha) who meet through the cyberspace and in real life engage in mishaps, misunderstandings and take time to discovering their love interrupted by the subplots.

Even though the plot seems predictable, Shakya’s narration with his soothing voice and simple language, gives a special touch and draws the attention of the audience towards the complexity of the two characters.


Based on Krishna Dharabasi’s popular book by the same name, this movie is set in the medieval times and highlights the sorrowful tale and inhumane practice of the Sati System. The plot revolves around a young woman (Garima Panta), who is married to an old man and after his death has to burn herself in the pyre of her husband.

The cinematography is one of the best aspects of the movie capturing the village lifestyle and the tiniest details, makings the characters look very natural and authentic.  Garima Panta and the child artist act wonderfully and display the strong and caring bond between a mother and her child.


Made on the story, screenplay and direction of Ram Babu Gurung,” Kabaddi’’ is a romantic comedy starring Dayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet and Rishma Gurung in the lead. This is the story of Kaji( Dayahang Rai) a third grade failed whose only dream is to marry Maiya (Rishma Gurung), the daughter of  his maternal uncle. Maiya doesn’t want to marry Kaji and almost despises him due to his loafer attitude.

The plot thickens with Maiya eloping with somebody else and rushing to Kathmandu in the second half and Kaji going behind her. Combined with the majestic beauty of Mustang and pleasant humor, audiences get to enjoy the story of love, culture, traditions and hilarious dialogues. 

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