Ken SubediKen Subedi Why more content related to COVID-19 requires Nepali translation?August 24, 2020

Why more content related to COVID-19 requires Nepali translation?

As of 20th August, 2020 there are over 29,000 active COVID 19 cases in Nepal and the cases are increasing day by day. Although there are several reasons behind difficulty to tackle the Corona virus pandemic situation in Nepal, one of the major causes is the lack and spread of information related to COVID 19. Most of the information in relating to COVID 19 in Nepal is circulated by the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) which obtains information from a larger source like the World Health Organization (WHO) . With all the data coming in foreign language, for simultaneous update and spread of the information, there is a dire need for Nepali translation. The information obtained through international and more knowledgeable sources has to be proceeded urgently and translated in the Nepali language so that it can be then disseminated all across the country. But it is not limited to just that, there is a much greater significance of the contents that are translated in the Nepali language.

COVID 19 information with Nepali Translation

Nepali language content is more effective

Nepali is a language that is understood by the majority of the Nepalese population. The information regarding COVID-19 or any steps by the government to tackle the COVID 19 is much easier to be circulated in Nepali language. In the official language of the country, it can then directly be posted in various government portals, institutions and offices and be used for public awareness directly. This way there is a bigger room for the spread of information, not only on a priority basis but on a day to day basis.

Engagement of domestic channels

Apart from the official government portals, there are many news channels and digital platforms that engage with the Nepalese audience. The content related to COVID-19 in Nepali translation will find great scope in these digital channels especially during the enforced lockdown and curfews. People can get global updates on the pandemic through these domestic channels in their native language.  Despite the access to the internet, the global updates are in English, French, Spanish or similar languages which the majority of the Nepali population doesn’t understand. Thus the Nepali translated content will ensure that the Nepalese population is not behind the world due to the lack of reach of the information.

What’s the progress on COVID-19?

Apart from the daily updates in terms of cases and actions to tackle the pandemic situation, it is right of the people to know how long will it take for the vaccine to be ready. There are news regarding the vaccine from the Oxford University, Chinese groups and Russian scientists already. Beyond the WHO and MOHP , Nepalese need news regarding the status of a vaccine and the global progress. These kind of information is available easily but is not circulated officially which is why content need to be translated in Nepali for better exposure.

Planning for the Future

There is no denying that the entire planet is hit with the COVID-19 crisis but some countries are tackling the pandemic better than the others. The major content that Nepali is missing out is regarding how the businesses and economic institutions can plan for the time ahead while battling the corona virus. There are different strategies and plans set up by countries such as China, Germany, UK etc. for businesses, services, productivity and growth. Nepalese citizens can also learn from these steps and use these kind of information create plans for themselves. Mostly the content circulated in Nepal are related to the data about the demographics and the effect of the virus. However, the information which can be used to foresee a better future is in extremely limited amount. This is where Nepali translation can play a major role connecting such information from the global arena to the local villages.

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