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Professional Nepali Voice over Services

The number of professional Nepali voice over services has grown over the years with the increasing demand of Nepali language services.  These services expand over a variety of domains such as medical, health, technology, law, social sciences, letters and greetings as well as many others. Voice over translations are easier to soak in rather than subtitles or transcripts where the user has to focus significant amount of energy just to keep up with the text. This way Nepali voice over presents much clear and authentic message to the Nepali audience.

Professional Nepali Voice Over Services

What makes a good voice over?

A voice over clip consists of four major components: 1) Audio clarity 2) Pronunciation 3) Pacing and 4) Vocal tone.

1. Audio Clarity

It is absolutely necessary for a voice over clip to have clarity in voice and a suitable volume. If the voice is fuzzy or squeaky, then the listeners shall find it difficult to understand. Similarly if the volume is too low or too loud, then listeners will find the audio clip distracting or annoying. Therefore the audio has to be in the most pleasing level complimenting the voice.

2. Pronunciation

Part of an excellent voice over work is the accuracy of the pronunciation, where the voice over artist has to pronounce every word correctly and clearly enough to be understood. The flow of words has to be natural and precise.

3. Pacing

The content varies from being an informative piece, an emotional story or an exciting announcement. But the voice over has to be in proper pace not rushing too fast or being too slow. Plus there has to be pauses in between necessary places for listeners to process the information.

4. Vocal Tone

Similarly as pacing vocal tone helps keeps the listener engaged and interested in the subject. Thus the tone should be friendly and comforting but it should not sound fake or robotic. Sometimes the vocal tone can be the ultimate line between an engaging or boring voice over clip.

Voice over Artists

Voice over artist is the soul of every voice over. No matter how great the content, if the voice over artist is lacking in quality then the entire project will suffer. A professional voice over artist is talented in terms of aspects like pacing, pronunciation and enunciation. They are also skilled in voice acting which adds a unique flavor to the entire presentation. Some voices over artists have the mastery of different accents which they can use to apply according to the demand of the script and target audience.

Studio environment for voice over

Alongside a good script and a professional voice over artist, the voice over also needs a perfect studio for recording. The walls should be covered with noise cancelling material and the studio should have high quality microphone, standard recording equipment and audio software.

Wordinvent has a professional studio environment where all the necessary equipment are utilized and we have been providing Nepali voice over services to our translation clients and agencies.

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