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Top 5 Nepali Books That Require Translation For International Appeal

Nepali Literature has had a  glorious history and has seen many great books over time. Even in the modern era, Nepali Literature is seeing a lot of great books from aspiring writers. Despite being great books,  the audience for Nepali literature has mostly been limited to the Nepalese  population only. Just a handful of Nepali  books  such as Muna Madan, Sirish Ko Phool, Palpasa Café, Seto Bagh  etc have been translated into another language. But there are still many great books that have  not caught the eye of the international readers. So here are the top 5 Nepali books that require translation for International appeal :

Top  5 Nepali Books

Karnali Blues

This is the first novel of young writer Buddhisagar Chapain. Even though this book made its debut in the year 2010,it is still very popular among the Nepalese readers today also. Karnali Blues tells the story about the struggle of a father seen through his son’s eyes. This tale takes the readers through an emotional journey where the father – son relation face the test of time and hardships in the remote Karnali region.


Written by Nayan Raj Pandey, Lu describes the life of the people living in the Terai region and touches on their issues of poverty, religious marriages, border encroachment and the political situation.  The story takes the readers through the highs and lows of Elaiya’s life who supposedly dies right in the beginning of the novel. Much of the friction is inspired from real life observations and the overall story is an eye opener in many ways.

Doshi Chasma

Doshi Chasma  is written by Nepal’s  former Prime Minister  and famous literary figure B.P. Koirala. The book explore the psychological aspect of the protagonist and also shows the situation of the people under the Rana regime. Koirala presents the critical state of the mind of the main character Keshavraj who can’t overcome his fear and goes on depressing without any major reason.

Seto Dharti

Amar Neupane’s book “ Seto Dharti” mirrors the Nepalese society and portrays the hard and painful life of a young widow. Because  the book revolves around a widow who has to put white clothing and has to survive in her white world, it was titled “ Seto Dharti”. Neupane’s writing style is simple yet very impactful while the book is a rollercoaster of heart touching emotions.

China Harayako Manxe

Hari Bansha Acharya is one of the most renowned personalities in Nepal and “China Harayako Manxe” is his story. The autobiography depicts his life as a child, fantasies, struggles and his rise to fame. The books has some light hearted  moments and some really emotional  ones and gives an insight into the life of Nepal’s favorite comedian.

So these are our Top 5 Nepali books that require translation for International appeal. For book translations, English to Nepali or Nepali to English, contact Wordinvent.

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Top 5 Nepali Books That Require Translation For International Appeal

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