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Translation Services for Non-Resident Nepalese

Non-Resident Nepalis will need a lot of translation, especially on official documents. For them to do it by themselves will be difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, as most of the translations relate to formal documents, mistakes and mistranslations could lead to many problems.

Professional Translation Services Now Made Easy

You see, in the case of Nepal, finding a good translation service is difficult. Or, more precisely, it used to be tough.

Wordinvent is a professional translation firm based in Nepal. We help clients with English to Nepali and Nepali to English translations. From now, all you need to do to receive professional translation services in Nepal is call us or contact us in our e-mail.

Document Translation for Non Nepali Residents
Nepali translation for Non-resident Nepalis

Every Translation You Could Think of

We provide every kind of translation for NRNs ; this includes administrative documents such as Passport, Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates, Driving License, Police Report, Academic Certificates including SLC (SEE) and +2 transcripts, and many more.

Moreover, as we are a one-stop translation services solution, we provide translation for other informal documents, literature, website content, ad copies, and even subtitles for videos. So, we have your back- whatever comes in your way.

People that Do Translation for a Living

See, the problem with most of the translations in Nepal is they are done by individuals trying to make some extra income. For them, reviews won’t matter as it does to us.

Our team consists of professionals who have worked as translators for years and mastered it. We want to change the industry- making it more expert-centered and accessible to everyone. After all, translation, language, and writing services are something many can do, but only a few have the dedication to take it to perfection.

The Passion is What Counts

When the work is related to words, passion is incredibly essential. You see, writing and translating is a demanding task; you need to sit on the front of the paper and pen or your keyboard and screen for hours.

Forgetting to concentrate even for some seconds will create ‘patches’ in the document. This means that the tune won’t match on different parts, and that will generate displeasure in the reader.

We created Wordinvent because we love writing and translating. The hours won’t matter to us- we live just to do this. After taking your project, we will see it through your entire satisfaction; laziness and excuses are not an option.

Do not Worry About the Deadlines.

Many NRN translations need to be completed within deadlines. Some might be urgent than the others.

Well, when you work with WordInvent, translation deadlines are never an issue. We have a fast turnaround time anyway, and depending on your requirements, we will always be on time- that is a 100% guarantee.

Conclusion Whichever country you are living in right now, having mistranslated words in your documents doesn’t give out a good image. Moreover, translation takes a lot of time and work; taking the pressure is not fair to you. Having professionals take care of it will help you rest assured, as there are no chances of errors, and deadlines can be met easily.

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