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In What Ways are Translation and Interpretation Similar and Different?

Many people get confused between translation and interpretation. Or, more accurately, they refer to both interpretation and translation as translation. 

People have enough reason for doing so; given that, these days, mostly the same professionals and companies provide both of these services. 

Anyway, even if they are similar, these two terms are not the same. Today, we are going to explain in the easiest words the similarities and difference between translation and interpretation.

Similarities Between Translation and Interpretation

First off, both translation and interpretation deal with converting messages in one language to another. Translators and interpreters work as the medium between two people using different linguistics to understand each other.

Converting a source language into a target language- this is all regarding the similarities between these two jobs.

Translation and  Interpretation
Translation vs Interpretation

Differences Between Translation and Interpretation

Okay, the first difference lies in their definition.

Translation means writing information from one language to another. Remember, it doesn’t only imply converting a written piece into another language. If you are transcribing vocals from audio or a video and changing it into another language, it is till translation as long as you write the information. For example, adding foreign subtitles in a movie. 

On the other hand, interpretation refers to the oral conversion of one language into another. An interpreter sits in between two people talking different languages and helps them understand each other. Some interpreters specialize in converting sign language into speech and vice versa.

Both interpreter and translator need the same base skill, which is an extensive knowledge of the languages they work on. However, there are some individual skillsets for both of these jobs.

Translation vs Interpretation
Nepali Translation vs Nepali Interpretation

Translator Skills 

In the case of a translator, as they work mostly with written pieces, they need impeccable grammar skills. Moreover, as these days, the job of a translator strays away from the traditional way of just converting one language to another on paper (translators also work on audio these days), they need to have excellent listening skills. 

A good vocabulary is important, of course, but for complex words, they can research a bit. Also, don’t forget excellent writing skills- the translator should be able to convey the tune in the source piece to the target one.

Interpreter Skills and Abilities

Interpreters mostly work on live scenarios. For example, conferences and classes. Their job is on the spot, so they need to have a sharp wit, be able to process language quickly and smoothly, and be fluent in the language they are converting the source language to. Also, the ability to relax oneself while handling pressure is also necessary for an interpreter.

Contrary to a translator, an interpreter doesn’t necessarily need to have perfect grammar skills. They can get off as long as they can efficiently help people understand each other.

So, Who Do You Need to Hire?

Well, we have already given you the job descriptions and the differences between translation and interpretation, so now we hope you can choose for yourself.

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